Long. 008º50'28'' W

Lat. 38º30'06'' N


This is a jetty type mooring with two dolphins, set 70 meters apart and designed to withstand pulses up to 35,000 DWT.

In the middle of these dolphins, there is another technical dolphin which is equipped with a retention basin that contains the pier´s fixed manifolds, in addition to a series of surveillance and security equipment. This dolphin is connected to the mooring dolphins and land, by a metalic bridge which also serves to lead and suport the different pipes used, one pipe one product.

The installations are completed with a mooring dolphin fitted with an automatic compressed air unmooring bollard.

All the pipes running along the metallic bridge toward land, pass along the EN 10-4 road in a technical gutter and lead to the different tanks in use or under construction in the Sapec Bay Industrial Park.

With this infrastructure we can berth ships of up to 190m in length (LOA) and 10m draft, provided the turning basin was built at 10.5m (ZH). Ships with different characteristics will be analysed individually, as in the case of the Sapec solid bulk port terminal.

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A STP e o SPC, acederam á solicitação da Logistel para uma visita/sensibilização a um grupo de futuros quadros de elevado potencial (Engenharia, Gestão, Direito, Ambiente, Marketing) no sector Maritimo-Portuário de Angola.


Na sequência da 3ª Auditoria de Renovação, sob o âmbito da ISO 9001, a STP viu confirmada a sua Certificação de Conformidade, perfazendo assim 11º ano como Empresa Certificada.