Long. 008º50'28'' W

Lat. 38º30'06'' N

Company . HISTORY

The activities carried out by Sapec Terminais Portuários today were started up in 1926. A first phase of development is associated with the needs of the Sapec Group, operating first as an exporter of pyrites and then as an importer of raw materials for fertilizers lasted until around 1970.

From 1970 to 1990, occurred the second phase of consolidation of the fertilizer industry and the investments made both on the pier and in lifting equipment (cranes) for handling, with movements in order of 300,000 to 350,000 tons.

The following events are part of the subsequent phases that changed the mission of the activity:


  • Restructuring of the fertilizer industry between 1995 and 1998, which redesigned port activity in relation to unloading and storage capacities
  • Use of community resources for development
  • Strategic vision for the integration of other functions into port activity.


The appearance of the concessions law and the public service concession for handling cargoes at the Sapec Port Terminal .

Since 1995 with the signing of the concession contract, the history of the Sapec pier is a success story that began with the entry into operation of a liquid bulk terminal (TGL) in April 2004 and now is waiting for a positive response of the Port Authority,to our project of productivity improvement at the Sapec Port Terminal, which would result in the improvement of public services and provide a fine response for current and future Sapec Bay Industrial Park customers..

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A STP e o SPC, acederam á solicitação da Logistel para uma visita/sensibilização a um grupo de futuros quadros de elevado potencial (Engenharia, Gestão, Direito, Ambiente, Marketing) no sector Maritimo-Portuário de Angola.


Na sequência da 3ª Auditoria de Renovação, sob o âmbito da ISO 9001, a STP viu confirmada a sua Certificação de Conformidade, perfazendo assim 11º ano como Empresa Certificada.